Hello — I’m a 30 31 year old entrepreneur and musician living in Washington DC. And welcome to my unprofessional little website.

My Businesses

  • Industry Arabic: A full service translation company. We are unique because we only do Arabic to English and English to Arabic translation
  • Translation Equipment HQ: An eCommerce store selling equipment for live, multi-language simultaneous interpretation

I’m Interested In

  • Copywriting, Digital Marketing and eCommerce: I’m fascinated by the idea that putting the right words on a page can make the difference between someone going “meh” and clicking the back button, and someone deciding to take action. I love studying the old school mail order marketers like Gary Halbert as well as online businesses like Garagiste. If you’re interested in copywriting, check out my free online course on it here.
  • The Middle East: I speak Arabic (Masri, for the most part)and Persian (Farsi) and did a masters in Middle Eastern Studies at St. Antony’s College, Oxford. I’ve travelled extensively in the region (Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco) and lived and worked in Egypt and Libya.
  • Playing in Bands: I play guitar (and recently mandolin) and there’s nothing more fun than playing in with other musicians. I often remember a conversation I had with an older musician I played with in high school and looked up to a lot:

Him: What are you up to tonight?
Me: I’m hanging out with some friends.
Him: Are they musicians?
Me: No
Him: Then why are you hanging out with them?

Who I Want To Connect With 

I hope this site will be a magnet for that kind of serendipity. So if we have a common interest or think we’d have something to talk about I hope you’ll drop me a line. In particular I’m looking to connect with:

  • Blues, Indie, Jazz, and Americana musicians in the Washington DC area
  • Other entrepreneurs, copywriters and marketers
  • Bloggers, authors, podcasters, scholars and people who love to read, write, and create

Contact Me At

Email:  willwardwillward@gmail.com

Phone: +1 240 483 2205

Twitter: willward1

Skype: willward

Thanks for reading!


PS: The best brunch recipe in the world can be found here.