Hello — I’m an entrepreneur and musician living in Washington DC.


My Businesses

  • Industry Arabic: A full service translation company. We only do Arabic to English and English to Arabic translation
  • Translation Equipment HQ: An eCommerce store selling equipment for live, multi-language simultaneous interpretation

I’m Interested In

  • Copywriting, Digital Marketing and eCommerce: I’m fascinated by the idea that putting the right words on a page can make the difference between someone going “meh” and clicking the back button, and someone deciding to take action. I love studying the old school mail order marketers like Gary Halbert as well as online businesses like Garagiste.
  • The Middle East: I speak Arabic (Masri, for the most part)and Persian (Farsi) and did a masters in Middle Eastern Studies at St. Antony’s College, Oxford. I’ve travelled extensively in the region (Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco) and lived and worked in Egypt and Libya.
  • Playing in Bands: I play guitar and tenor banjo.

Who I Want To Connect With 

If we have a common interest or think we’d have something to talk about I hope you’ll drop me a line. In particular I’m looking to connect with:

  • Blues, Indie, Jazz, and Americana musicians in the Washington DC area
  • Other entrepreneurs, copywriters, marketers
  • Bloggers, authors, podcasters, scholars and people who love to read, write, and create

Contact Me At

Email:  willwardwillward@gmail.com

Phone: +1 240 483 2205

Twitter: willward1

Skype: willward

Thanks for reading!


PS: The best brunch recipe in the world can be found here.