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🧬 Fixing 23andMe with Words

Here’s a picture of my closet. Nestled between boxes, you will see a 23andMe home DNA test kit. I got it as a gift a few years ago but never sent in my spit. Yesterday, I read that they are

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Oprahs of the Right: A Reading Series

Strap on your helmets and hop in my Land Cruiser. We’re going on an anthropological safari through some of the modern right’s most colorful characters. Read this to discover: Why you should never pee in your car while driving (and

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Book Notes: Against the Grain

Audio book, Oct 2019. “Did humans domesticate wheat, or did wheat domesticate humans?” This is one of those Joe Rogan-esque questions that has stuck with me after reading it somewhere. So I was happy to find this book which looks

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